With over 14 years of experience, the SIUE Solar Car team has acquired a breadth of knowledge.


We recruit enthusiastic and passionate students across ALL majors to provide an exciting and competitive yearlong project, with hands-on experience you can't get in the classroom.

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Building the future, one solar car at a time.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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While based in the Midwest, the SIUE Solar Car Team has traveled and raced all across the nation.


Founded in 2004, the SIUE Solar Car Team has continuously been striving to build a better, faster, and more efficient solar car. Through engineering and business students alike, the team is comprised of like-minded and innovative individuals preparing to compete the Formula Sun Grand Prix in 2019.




The SIUE Solar Car Team has participated in several racing events. In the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix, our solar car drove over 225 miles on the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. We placed Top Ten in 2017 Formula Sun Grand Prix , we finished first in the grandfathered class in the 2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix, and for the first time in 14 years, we participated in the 2018 American Solar Challenge!


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Through donations and sponsorships, we are able to research new technologies, develop engineering fabrication and design skills, and most importantly, build a solar car. The SIUE Solar Car Team is conducting ongoing research in fabrication, electric motor efficiency and speed testing. Competing in competitions such as the Formula Sun,  allows us to showcase all of our hard work.


Our solar car team participates in a number of public and community outreach events. These events allow us to share our knowledge of solar power and emerging technologies to children, young adults, and the general public. These opportunities also allow us to promote our amazing sponsors.

Syd Stogner

Project Director

Antonio Pizarro

Driver Support Director

Jon Doucette

Assistant Project Director

Mark Naleway

Mechanical Director

Christina Bare

Media Director

Dan Morrisey

Electrical Director

Steve Muren

Financial Advisor & Lab Manager

Andy Lozowski

Technical Advisor

Dave Holderman

Computer Science Advisor


These photos show the amazing and dedicated work of the SIUE Solar Car Team. Click on a photo to enlarge the image.